Uttam Kumar Sen




He is a Certified Financial Planner in Kolkata. He started his journey as a life insurance agent in 1986, that too by chance and not by choice. Although it’s a noble profession, he didn’t enjoy the profession by reason of Sales Target/Premium Target. He attended the Agents Development Programme in the Institute of Insurance & Financial Sciences Education, Research & Training, Pune in February 1988. He successfully completed a diploma course in Life Insurance Marketing in January 1989 by submitting a dissertation on Insurance. He also attended Advance Agents Development Programme in the Institute of Insurance & Financial Sciences Education, Research & Training, Pune in January 1992. In order to write his observations on “Retirement”, he attended Vanaprastha Seminar for 7 days in Chinmaya Mission, Kolkata in 1993 after taking special permission. He could realize the untold pain of retired people. He took up a challenging task of the door to door survey where he voluntarily addressed the concerns of families related to their life insurance. He took the opportunity to spread awareness related to personal finance and ax the myths surrounding life insurance. While he witnessed the settlement of death claims, he realized the consequences of under insurance. But during those times there was no concept of pure insurance. From the very beginning, he stressed upon low-cost pure insurance, following the principle of “least for the most”. Awareness level was too low and he had been trying to “sell” insurance products as pure insurance only – neither as savings nor as an investment. Although it was really an arduous job, it was highly valued by clients. At the outset, his focus has been to consider both financial and non-financial aspects of his client’s life.
There were several turning points that cause an irrevocable change in direction of his professional life.

He assisted many families to settle death claims in the early days of his career. He experienced invisible struggles of family members (both financial & emotional). He also witnessed most of the departed persons’ families who were the occupants of Indian Airlines Flight No. 257. On 16th August 1991, the plane crashed on its descent into Imphal, India, killing all 69 occupants. He realized that the major concerns were related to finance apart from emotional trauma. Family members of the departed people did not even know what and where the significant documents of the family were kept. The most frustrating part to deal with depressed families during their distress was that they were reluctant towards any professional help.
Our cradles of struggles may be either visible or invisible or both. The best example is an “iceberg”. You’ve only seen a small part of the whole thing. If the cradles are visible it may be addressed and rectified, but if it’s not then are we prepared to adjust to the struggles by changing ourselves instantly or gradually. Even, we have to compromise with the situation during the transitional phase! There is a big question mark, depending on the then scenario. A credible Financial Planner tries to address both according to the unique nature of disasters of a subject, if not at least a considerable part.
He successfully completed the MILT Sales Course in February 1993, personally led by Mr. Aporesh Acharya.
He took an exemption from Life Insurance Corporation of India in 2010 while he was Chairman Club Member Agent, solely to work in a fiduciary capacity and provide unbiased solutions to clients’ unique issues. He follows a need-based approach while dealing with clients. He started writing Financial Plans as an Associate Financial Planner back in 2010. Clients were satisfied to the fullest extent and paid fees happily.
He qualified as Certified Financial Planner in Kolkata in 2011. Certified Financial Planner or CFPCM is an international certification program in the field of Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Financial Advisory services. It’s recognized in over 26 countries across the globe.
Now, as an experienced Certified Financial Planner in Kolkata, he ensures to provide solutions for any problems or queries with your existing insurance, investments, assets, debts, etc. He conducts Financial Literacy Awareness Campaigns for the members of Housing Societies, Associations, Clubs, Companies, and Educational Institutions which help them analyze the rewards and risks associated in order to make informed choices. His focal point is making people understand the need and importance of financial planning. He engages himself to understand the uniqueness of your personal financial concerns. A financial coach is unlike other financial professionals. He allocates more qualitative time by extending hands to his clients, makes them understand fundamentals of personal finance, by not recommending any insurance and investments products like agents and distributors, stockbrokers, or bank relationship managers. Clients feel comfortable in sharing their unique personal concerns as they know he’ll help them sail through.

  • He believes that one has to maintain a good quality of life – “peace”, “health” and “money” are inseparable in one’s life.
  • He was the proprietor at Money Map.
  • He had been a visiting Faculty of CFP & CWM (Level 1) at ICICIdirect for Financial Learning (ICFL) since September 2013 till August 2016.
  • He is a ProMember of Network FP.

He has been authoring articles under the “Blog” Section in MERRY MIND. A few of his articles got published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper. Stories of quite a few of his clients featured in Mint newspaper under the “My Plan” Section.

Clients do ask him about his succession plan. He has been grooming his younger son, Arijit Sen to join in his profession as his successor. They feel relieved to see Arijit working alongside him since his college-going days. Being a father, it gives him satisfaction seeing his clients equally comfortable in dealing with his son since January 2014.

He successfully completed the 3 Days Residential Program by George D. Kinder on “Seven Stages of Money Maturity” in November 2016.

He also successfully completed the workshop, “Tools for a Financial Transitionist- A Life Planning Workshop” in January 2018, conducted by Susan Bradley, Founder of the Sudden Money ® Institute.
Additionally, he’s pursued The Certified Financial Transitionist ® course from Financial Transitionist ® Institute, a division of Sudden Money ® Institute.
He believes in genuinely solving his clients’ concerns and getting benefited by benefiting his clients.
His unmatched passion in the field of personal finance is what makes him unique.