Sandra D. Adams



Sandra D. Adams, CFP® is a Lead Financial Planner and Partner with Center for Financial Planning, Inc. ®. A 1992 graduate of Eastern Michigan University, she has worked in the financial services industry since 1996. She works with individuals and families to create customized and actionable financial plans that can be implemented easily by breaking them into simple steps (and with the assistance of a professional partner). Sandy holds a Master’s degree in Gerontology and specializes in elder care planning, allowing her to work with entire generations of families: older adults, their children and grandchildren. Sandy is also trained to work with those going through any kind of stressful life and/or money transition, including those dealing with a death of a spouse, loss of a spouse due to divorce, loss or change of job, change of career, sale of a business, generational wealth transfers, etc.

Sandy has previously served on the FPA of Michigan board, serving as Board President for two terms and has served on multiple committees since becoming an active member. She also serves as an active member of the Wayne State University Board of Visitors and BOV’s Endowment Committee, is an active member of the State of Michigan’s Dementia Coalition, and serves on the planning committee for the joint Alzheimer’s Association and WSU Institute of Gerontology’s Fall Conference. She is a frequent speaker for the MICPA and other public and professional groups on elder care and retirement plan and financial planning topics. Sandy is frequently quoted in professional publications, has contributed as a writer to articles in the Journal for Financial Planning and Practical Compliance and Risk Management, and is currently a regular contributing writer to Daily.