Michelle Hensley




Michelle Hensley has always been involved in working and serving the marginalized, those that we can possibly forget if we aren’t low income, fatherless and widows. Having started and run a successful non-profit, You Are Special, a local Orange food pantry, giving out food to the working poor, she has continually been involved behind the scenes especially while raising 7 children. It started with feeding 19 people in 2002 to over 72,000 in the year 2014 and was a family counselor in the Orange County area. That non-profit now helps widows with micro-grants in order to start their own business in order to become self-sufficient and feel a sense of self-worth.

Having gone through her own life-changing event when her husband passed away after battling cancer for two years, experiencing widowhood herself, she now inspires and educates other widows, divorcees, advisors and estate planners about the emotional and financial challenges along with the decisions women face after loss and gain. It was through these life-changing events that led her to study and become a Certified Financial Transitionist®️ from the Sudden Money Institute®️, Board Certified Executive Coach, (BCC©️) specializing in Grief, Finance and Life coaching, a DMM®️(Daily Money Manager) and on the path of becoming a CFP©️.

She has several degrees including an MA in Counseling and certifications that she earned while raising seven children. Michelle embraces every challenge with tenacity and determination, exploring effective leadership and helping others develop their passions. She also started and runs Nifty Package Co, a women-owned and run corporate gift company, currently frequents the local Old Town Orange events, teaches a skills workshop at the local college and online for widows and divorcees, The Orange Rotary, active in serving her local community, is a finance, grief and life coach and passionate about fitness running about 2 miles per day with a goal of a half marathon year 2020.

Memberships & Affiliations

• Sudden Money® Institute
• Association of Daily Money Managers DMM
• Orange Rotary
• Retail Packaging Association
• You Are Special, Micro-Grant program for widows wanting to start their own businesses.
• BCC Board Certified Executive Coach
• International Association of Coaches, Grief, Life and Finance expertise
• MA in Counseling
• BS in Criminal Justice
• Currently Teach at the local Santiago Community College, Life and Practical Skills for Widows, Divorcees and Widowers.