Kathleen Roth

Kathleen Roth




Kathleen Roth, CFP®, CeFT®, RLP®, president and co-founder of Waterstone Financial Services, has been associated with the financial services industry since 1980.  She received her bachelor of science degree in Special Education from the University of Michigan and her masters degree in Learning Disorders from the University of Rochester.  Her accreditations include the Certified Financial Planner™ since 1995 and is a listed member of the CFP® Board’s registry of Certified Financial Planners.  She has held the Certified Financial Transitions designation since 2016 and is a registered CeFT® at the mastery level with the Sudden Money Institute.  Kathy earned the RLP® (Registered Life Planner) designation with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.  Through their program she was trained to the mastery level in client-centered communication by focusing on a client’s essential goals in life before formulating a financial plan that fully supports those goals.

Before co-founding Waterstone Financial Services in 2005, she worked with quality financial planning companies such as IDS (now Ameriprise), PaineWebber (since acquired by UBS after becoming the #4 national retail broker) and Sage Rutty & Co, a highly respected, 100-year-old financial services firm in Rochester, NY.

Kathy has dedicated herself to providing comprehensive financial planning services to her clients.  Her specialty is helping her clients navigate the uncharted financial waters that result from major life changes such as divorce, remarriage, retirement.

Kathy’s background, training and experience brings knowledge and forward progress to every woman navigating life shifts.  She guides you through each step as an advisor and a sounding board, reducing your stress and anxiety about money decisions and expanding your ability to address the opportunities presented in life ahead.