Anupama Aggarwal



Anupama is a Certified Financial Planner with a rich experience of more than 11 years in financial services in India. A Commerce graduate and an MBA, she has worked with reputed organizations in financial services and ran her own entrepreneurial firm in experiential learning for children. She is currently the Vice President Advisory at International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd., India. Her diverse experience is a cumulation of working with varied client profiles, age groups, living in 4 countries outside India, traveling across the world, all while raising her own 2 kids. Transitions have been part of her life experience.

In her professional life, which started with working for a US multinational NBFC where she was managing key business relationships, she realized the importance of a trusted relationship in financial services. Having been an NRI for few years, she understood the challenges and need for financial advice through transitions. Anupama ran her own entrepreneurial firm for 5 years which involved providing young city school children experiential learning programs related to their study curriculum and beyond. This along with raising her own kids, got her to combine her education and professional experience in finance to become a Certified Financial Planner. She relates deeply to the need for financial literacy among young parents and growing kids, motivation to save, and invest right towards one’s financial objectives.

Anupama finds it immensely satisfying to be able to translate her personal and professional learnings to create a positive contribution to someone else’s life. As part of the Advisory team at IMMPL, she has been advising more than 100 families based out of Delhi- NCR; Southeast Asia, and other nations including families who moved across the globe as part of their job transitions. She has grown in her job profile over the last 7 years from being a Financial Planner; to Advisor; to Business Head and currently the Vice President. In her Advisory role, she has been handholding her clients with disciplined investing into suitable financial products on the basis of their risk appetite and financial goals. She has been a pillar of financial guidance to her clients enabling them to comfortably meet their financial objectives like foreign education for kids, change of jobs, work sabbaticals, starting an entrepreneurial firm, planning for retirement years, and creating wealth. She writes blogs and takes sessions on financial literacy for youngsters embarking on their first jobs, working women, and even school children- enabling them to be more financially prudent.

Anupama’s forte is cultivating a true relationship with a client, which goes beyond the realms of traditional financial planning. She believes in giving clients financial advice that is relevant to their personal needs, to the point where some approach her more like a trusted friend rather than just a financial advisor. She understands the emotional side of money decisions and therefore is able to guide her clients through the ups and downs of life. With a strong background in both financial planning and advisory, Anupama continues to make a genuine and positive contribution to her client’s lives.