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When money changes, life changes, and when life changes, money changes. In the late 1990s, while I was still a practicing Certified Financial Planner®, I was struck by all of the stories of windfalls-gone-wrong. For some reason, when people won the lottery or received large insurance settlements or inheritances, their stories often took unfortunate turns. […]

On 2021 Being Less Bad With Mindfulness

There’s something poetic about allowing December to be as bad as it can be. First, there’s eating too much and drinking too much. That gets parlayed into not exercising, not doing my mindfulness. And finally there’s doomscrolling and continuing to argue with family members over the election in the USA. I think I could be […]

What COVID revealed to me about communicating with the elderly and other thoughts.

The week before my mother-in-law turned 98, I received a call at 3:15 in the afternoon saying that her assisted living facility would stop family visitation as of 6 p.m. that evening. She lives in a CCRC (Continuous Care Retirement Community) which accommodates independent, assisted, and skilled nursing. As I was near the exit to […]