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Sudden Change In Your Clients Financial Situation Can Be A Life-Altering Event

As a Certified Financial Transitionist™ you will have a deep understanding of the human dynamics of change and transition that allows you to become your clients thinking partner as well as their financial or legal expert.

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A Message From Susan Bradley

We started in June of 2000 with the first financial planning model for managing Sudden Money and related windfalls. We soon realized we had uncovered a specialized area of practice, Financial Transition Planning, requiring more than what traditional planning provides. As a result of rigorous study, development, and tens of thousands of hours of experience we have formalized an unique process and tool set. We are proud to now offer the Certified Financial Transitionist™( CFT™) training for those interested in developing an expertise in working with clients facing major life events. Transition are the primary reason people hire advisors, a CFT™ can separates themselves from their peers with the knowledge, specific process and the tools gained during our 24-months of training and coaching.
I invite you to consider adding CFT™ training to your professional expertise.
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  1. October 13th-28th, 2014
    October Virtual CFT Training
  2. November 13th-14th, 2014
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  3. January 22nd-23rd, 2015
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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By adhering to Sudden Money cues and protocols, transition planning can be a positive experience; one that respects people, situations and better futures.

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