Are you in the midst of a major life change?
Do you have Transition Fatigue? Take this quick self-assessment to see how you’re doing mentally and physically. Get tips from the experts on how to make your transition more comfortable and productive.
  • Retirement
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Major Health Crisis
  • Sale of Business
  • Marriage / Remarriage
  • Inheritance or Large Gift
  • Death of Spouse
  • Windfall / Lottery
  • Professional Sports Contract
  • Sudden Loss
  • Major Career Advancement

Why Is Transition Planning Important?
Successfully managing financial transitions is more challenging than you realize.

Sudden change in your financial situation can be a life-altering event.

Some of these events are planned for, such as retirement, the sale of a business or an anticipated inheritance. Other types of events many come out of the blue – like winning the lottery, divorce or the death of a spouse. These life transition events vary widely, some joyous and others very sad.
No matter the reason or the event, you now face a major change in your life

What Is Financial Transition Planning?

Transition Planning

Learn How SMI Can Help With Transition Planning
When the right perspective is established, then and only then, can decisions be made with confidence and a commitment to positive action.


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