About Us

We make financial transitions less stressful, more productive and frequently enjoyable.

Everyone has experienced the stress of managing a life change. Stress is common even with happy events, such as retirement, but certainly more pronounced during regrettable life events, such as divorce or loss of a spouse. At the Sudden Money Institute, we are Financial Transition Planning Experts.

We help people and the professionals who assist them, understand the behavioral and cognitive challenges that lead to poor decisions. We help them gain new perspectives – often life-changing perspectives – following a proven process for positive change.

We help:

  • Individuals and/or Families gain clarity and confidence through life-affirming Wealth Orientation Engagements with Susan Bradley.
  • SMI accredited advisors use our proven process to deliver a consistent experience of trust and confidence as they guide their clients through the management of life events.
  • Corporations gain clarity on the significance and implications of financial transitions through speaking engagements and workshops.

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